Prayers for the Journey

by Christine Sine
earth touches heaven

Earth touches heaver - photo by Coe Hutchison

Here is my round up of facebook prayers from the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!


God we give you thanks and praise this morning

your love is unfailing in unanticipated circumstances,

Your faithfulness endures in unexpected places,

Your mercy is unlimited in undeserved ways.


May we remember always

The love of God casts out fear

The life of God conquers death

The glory of God fills our world

May we remember and give thanks.


Let the light of God shine into your soul,

And fill you with life.

Let the love of God shine through your life,

And fill others with the life of God


Let all earth rejoice and praise the One who is Lord of Lord

Let the trees shout and the lions roar

Let the birds sing and the elephants trumpet

Glory to the creator of all life.


Jesus may we today see your glory in unexpected faces

Hidden treasure in the face of strangers,

Glimmers of newness in the struggles of loved ones,

Life emerging where there has been death.


For the beauty of the earth we thank you O God,

For the abundance of the garden we thank you O Christ,

For the flourishing of friendship we thank you O Spirit,

For the abundance of life we give you thanks today,

Thanks to the three in One, the One in three.


Let us look and see the wonder,

Resurrection exploding around us,

In sunshine and blossom and springtime emerging,

Christ is risen and is everywhere present in our world.


May the beauty of God’s creation seep into your soul,

May it fill you with love and peace,

And radiate from your heart into this world God loves.


Lord Jesus Christ your majestic name fills the earth

You glory is reflected in all creation

Your love is expressed in every act of caring

May we rest secure in the wonder of your risen life.


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