Prayers for Creation

by Christine Sine
Lion at Seattle Zoo

Lion at Seattle Zoo

Over the years I have written and posted a number of prayers for creation. Here are some of my favourites that I thought you would enjoy

Prayers for Creation 

For the beauty of the earth we thank you O God,

For the abundance of the garden we thank you O Christ,

For the flourishing of friendship we thank you O Spirit,

For the abundance of life we give you thanks today,

Thanks to the three in One, the One in three.


God may our eyes be opened and our ears unstopped,

That we may see in every sight a cathedral giving glory,

And hear in every sound angels singing alleluia.

May we be awed by the treasure of beauty in a rising moon,

And inspired by the clouded majesty of rainbow colours after rain,

May we look and see the wonder of daffodils lifting bright and shining faces to the sun,

May we look and see each plant, each creature, each handful of dirt,

God breathed, God inspired, God created.

May we behold the beauty and hear you saying it is very good

And walk together into the sanctuary of your creation.


God may we see today that all creation is precious to you,

From the smallest microbe to the largest whale,

You created all to live and flourish together,

An awe inspiring interdependent ecological community of your love.

God may we listen as all creation sings of your glory,

And the whole earth gives you praise.

May our minds turn to you in morning,

And our hearts be filled with your love at night,

May we sit in your presence and find life.


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