Poem for Pentecost

by Christine Sine

by Talitha Fraser

These are significant times, and time for reflection on what we are doing with our lives or where we are going… measured somehow in sourdough starters and workout counters. I have felt resistance to that and a lack of capacity to do or be more than I am. This poem speaks to that resistance, to do and be no more than I am, but while we are still – God moves yet and Pentecost happens anyway.

I don’t want You to send the fire,

we’re burned out

The people can’t be gathered and they shouldn’t be sent,

we’re staying home

And yet…

in every single country, around the world, the same message in it’s own tongue

and we all understand, and we all share the same spirit

Restez chez vouz, noho rāhui, andrà tuto bene

Love one another and stay home


~Used with permission.

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