Pause, Rest, Restore

by Christine Sine

by Christine Sine

As many of you know, last week I contracted COVID. This is my first encounter with the beast, and fortunately it has been mild. I am back out working in the garden and exercising though still a little low on energy. My assistant Melissa also has COVID so as you can imagine there is not much work being done around here. Which is how it should be. As I mentioned in my Meditation Monday: The Post That Almost Wasn’t yesterday: “I am reminded as I write this that relaxation is often one of the spiritual practices of summer and I realize in the season of illness that the same practice is necessary.”

As well as resting and relaxing, I did a lot of reading, most of it science fiction. Evidently, according to Yes Magazine’s article Why Young Readers Find Hope – And Escape – In Sci-Fi and Fantasy there are good reasons for this, reasons that apply not just to the young either. “First among them may be the simple relief that such stories offer from a daily reality that may still seem dark, dangerous, and uncertain.” We are all suffering from reality overload and fantasy often helps us grapple with complexity, diversity and uncertainty. “What better way to deal with the uncertainty of this time than with forms of fiction that make us comfortable with being uncomfortable, that explore uncertainty and ambiguity, and depict young people as active agents, survivors, and shapers of their own destinies?”

I agree wholeheartedly with this assessment. I have always enjoyed sci-fi and for more than its escape value. It has always helped me embrace diversity, uncertainty and complexity in ways that continue to enrich my faith and my life. Inspirational posts on Godspacelight help me do the same. Last week I found Jenny Gehman’s Borders, Boundaries and Barbed Wire to be particularly inspirational. Her comment “Extending hospitality is not always a neat affair in a tidy, controlled environment. Not everyone is easy to welcome. Hospitality is always holy but sometimes hard. “ is one I resonate with deeply. As well as that June Friesen’ who gives us daily inspiration through her posts on the Godspacelight Community Facebook group contributed a beautiful post on My Friend The Dove and Sue Duby, another of our regular writers wrote about the diversity and uniqueness of all of us in her post Unique. Lilly Lewin in Freerange Friday: The Dust of the Rabbi reminded us that the ancient Jews said that if you find a good rabbi, you should “cover yourself in the dust of his feet and drink in his words thirstily.” Don’t miss this fascinating post.

As I sit here this morning I sit in gratitude of all that surrounds me refreshing, renewing and healing my body and soul. I am very grateful for the vaccines and the medicines that contributed to the fact that I have only had mild symptoms of COVID. I am very grateful for the many people who have offered to help and above all I am grateful for the God who is companion, mentor, teacher and sustainer in times like this.

Relax in the presence of God,
Let the peace of Christ wash over.
Listen to the Spirit encouraging you
To slow down and rest.
Let go your expectations.
Give your body time to heal.
Enjoy the companionship of God.
Confident that nothing more is necessary.

Many blessings

Christine Sine.

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