New Summer Theme Coming Soon!

by Hilary Horn

We are launching a new theme after Pentecost (June 9th) for the summer called, Reading Life Differently. 

We live in a state of constant change – the seasons, the world around us, our lives are all in a rhythm of change and our faith needs to be able to change to adapt and help us move through the new landscapes we encounter. Spring will give way to summer, autumn will transition into winter. We need to know how to adapt and look with fresh and hope filled eyes at the changing landscape.

In The Gift of WonderI comment

To reshape our spiritual practices periodically, intentionally planning to give God delight and experience God’s delight in us is awe inspiring. Trips away, life transitions, seasons of the year, or the Christian Calendar all provide fantastic opportunities to create new and appropriate transformative spiritual places that draw us closer to God and into the beauty and joy of intimacy. (The Gift of Wonder 160)

Some of you are getting ready for summer. Others are preparing for winter. We are all preparing for change. So take time as you prepare for the changing seasons to think about how you need to see life differently and reshape your spiritual practices.

Where will we look for awe and wonder in this new season? What are the signposts that guide us? How will God be revealed? How can we help those around us get ready for the changes?

All of us need to read life differently and avoid becoming stuck in a rut or confined to a box. We need to look forward with anticipation and hope – not regretting the fading of spring blooms but rejoicing in the ripening fruit, not seeing trees stripped bare by winter’s unfolding but the magnificent skeleton of twisted limbs finally revealed to our sight.

What has helped change your perspective on life, faith and the world in which we live so that your cup is half full rather than half empty, full of love not burdened by hate? What advice do you have for those that are looking for a fresh and more positive perspective on life?

We are excited to share and have an opportunity to both explore new approaches and share the different perspectives that you have gained as you meditate, travel and encounter fresh experiences.

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