Morning Poems by Christine Sine

by Christine Sine
Dawn in Portland

by Christine Sine

Last weekend I was down in Portland spending time with a good friend who happens to live right on one of the tributaries of the Columbia river. It is a beautiful restful place at which to relax and refresh, which is exactly what I did. In the process I took lots of photos and videos and wrote lots of poems. Here are a selection that I wrote paired with some of my videos.

The Stillness of the Morning

There is nothing quite like the stillness of the morning 
to make me feel alive. 
There is nothing like the beauty 
of the sunrise over water 
to make me sense the joy of God’s presence.
And walk in awe, and wonder 
for the rest of the day,
There is nothing like birdsong 
to make me feel. 
I am entering into the wonder of creation.
There is nothing like the joy of life 
to make me feel the delight of God.
My spirit soars, my heart rejoices.
The joy of God is everywhere. 

In the Morning Sunlight

I sit in the morning sunlight,
 allowing my face to feel 
the warmth of the dawning sun. 
I sit in the presence of God, 
Basking in the warmth of the divine love, 
so beautiful, 
so life-giving, 
so much at the centre of my being.
I sit and breathe in the fragrance
And the joy of it. 

Quiet Reflections

The new day emerges from the darkness of the night, 
sun shines brightly on the river, 
Quiet reflections, 
 beauty in a moment of stillness,
 birdsong caressing my senses
 with a delight in God’s world. 
All is made new, a fresh, beginning 
to start the glory of a new day

Moving Slowly

Everything seems to move at half speed
 in the summer.
The sun rises early but lazily,
Slowly moving across the sky.
Unworried, unhurried, knowing exactly 
where it is going. 
Its glorious light rests in the assurance 
of its created beauty.
Divine love guides it into another day. 
A day in which every moment is unique 
All things are possible.
In its golden glow the hope, joy, 
and life of God abound. 

In A Quiet Place

If you sit long enough,
In a quiet place,
The peace of God will invade your being.
Breathe softly,
Don’t move,
Allow the presence of the Holy One
To fill you.
Open the doors of your heart.
Dissolve the barriers in your head.
Destroy the bars that imprison your soul.
Sit still,
Welcome God into the the sacred centre,
Of your soul. 


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Abhishek Kumar July 8, 2023 - 1:16 am

Your connection to nature is truly inspiring. The way you capture the stillness of the morning, the warmth of the sunlight, and the quiet reflections is a reminder to cherish the beauty around us. Your words bring peace and joy, inviting us to embrace God’s presence in every moment. Thank you for sharing this delightful journey.

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