Meditation Monday – Getting Ready for Resurrection

by Christine Sine

by Christine Sine

I am getting ready for Easter. Lent is just the pathway of preparation. And I am not getting ready for Good Friday, which often seems to mesmerize us and demand our attention. I am getting ready for Easter Sunday and the celebration of new life, new creation and resurrection living.

As we get ready for Lent it is easy for us to forget why we observe this season of penitence and self examination. I wonder if we place too much emphasis on the cross and not enough on the kingdom. Jesus came to show us how to live – passionate for justice, caring for those at the margins, compassionate, loving and humble. The cross was the consequences of this way of life, but it was not the end, it was the beginning.

My symbol for Lent and Easter this year is the butterfly. and as preparation I have created my first ever origami creation. I excitedly placed it in my contemplative garden, lit my candles and immediately singed one of the wings. My first thought was Must make another! but then I remembered that the resurrected Christ bore the marks of crucifixion, the life of new creation is in some ways marred and made beautiful by the scars of death.

Waiting for resurrection

Butterfly resurrection begins with the death of the old caterpillar self and the embrace of a cocoon. I wonder if the old caterpillar resents the process just as we do. Or is it impatient for change.

The new birth must not be hurried, it looks painful but oh what magnificence emerges.

We enter Lent like caterpillars – unattractive, slow, vulnerable. This is a time for patience, for allowing the process for transformation to take place and preparing for the magnificence to come.

What is your response?

What types of transformation do you think God wants to accomplish in your life this year?

What is God giving birth to in you?

What Lenten practices would most encourage this new birth?

Why don’t you make your own origami butterfly. Think about resurrection and process of new birth Lent is preparing you for.It is very simple

All you need is:

A piece of 6×6″ colored paper: I used this one. Some in the pack are colored on both sides, some are white on the back which gives this beautiful 2 colored butterfly.

Liquid glue

String or yarn .

Watch this tutorial – it is very simple. Once you have made one you wil want to make lots more!


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