Meditation Monday – Bless This Day O Lord

by Christine Sine

Bless this day.001

I love to knit, to take photos, write prayers and plant gardens. Each creative act crafts something unique. It holds something of my love for the person I create it, and something of my love for God. It holds part of who I am and of whom I think they are. I am blessed in its creating and I hope that others will be blessed in its sharing.

As I sit here pondering this today I think “This is something like the blessing of God.” It is present in every creative act that God performs. It holds something of who God is and who God hopes we will be come. It is always with us, – in snowflakes and raindrops, in sunsets and starry nights, in the faces of friends and strangers – waiting to be unveiled in the simple mundanes acts and trivial details of our lives.  This is both awe inspiring and breath stopping.

What is your response?

Look around you at the beauty of God’s creation. Stand in the rain, allow the wind to blow through your hair, pick up a fallen leaf or crouch down and take notice of the greenery sprouting up between the concrete slabs. In what ways do these reflect the love and blessings of God? What could you do today to make you more aware of these blessings?

To see the world more clearly doesn’t mean to suddenly have 20/20 vision or invest in a powerful microscope. Nor does it mean to light a brighter light to see by. We see the world more clearly when we recognize the blessings of God all around and gives thanks to our Creator who is able to bless us with revelation through the smallest grain of sand and the mightiest waterfall.

What is your response?

Think about your past week. In what ways has the great Creator of all things been revealed more clearly through what you have seen and done? Write down your revelations. Now think about the week ahead. Are there images that come to mind even now of situations that could become wonderful revelations of the blessings of God?

Now watch the video below. Take special note of the ways that the photographer uses light to emphasize the revelation of God. Sit quietly after you watch it and think of the changing lights in your life that also reveal the blessings of God. Offer up a prayer of thanksgiving to God.


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