Meditation Monday – Beauty in Every Season

by Christine Sine

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Time to reflect:

Find a quiet place, if possible where you can see outside to the beauty of God’s world. If not, focus on the photo above or listen to the Youtube video below. Make yourself comfortable. Sit with your hands in your lap, palms up. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths in and out and sit, relaxed in the presence of God allowing the love of God to embrace you. Listen to the music. Relax. Say the prayer printed above and listen to the video.

The seasons are changing. Here in the northern hemisphere the leaves are changing colour, and the cool mornings make us aware that winter is on its way. This weekend the temperature reached 80F, probably for the last time this year.  Here in the Pacific NW the days are shortening and though I know winter is coming I am not yet ready to let go of summer. For many, it is a start of a new school year. Others are beginning new jobs, moving house, facing health challenges. It is an unsettling time with doors opening and closing.

How often I wonder do I miss the beauty in front of my eyes because I am living with regrets for what is past? Not just in the changes of the season, but in the changes of my life.

Every season has its beauty, but if my eyes are focused on summer then I miss the beauty of an autumn day with leaves red and gold, and I am not ready for the new and frosty beauty of winter either.

What is your response: What are are you holding onto from a season that is past? Are you hankering after youth or health, or a job you have left? Are you struggling with the changing seasons? Write down what you are afraid to let go of on a piece of paper. Light a match and burn the paper. As it burns release the past to God.

Now imagine that Christ is holding out his hand to you and inviting you into a new season, with its own promise and beauty. Even in seasons of suffering and trauma there is beauty.

A friend told me recently that her mother’s brain tumour is the best thing that has happened this year. Her mother is schizophrenic and has lived most of her life on the streets. Because of her tumour she has been admitted to a nursing home, is on meds and my friend has been able to develop a relationship with her for the first time in her life.

What is your response: What have you missed? Sit quietly listening to the music and ask God to open your eyes to beauty of this season. What is God showing you? Write it down. Sit quietly for a few minutes to allow the peace of God to flow over you. Then say the prayer above to finish your time.

This is a new practice that I started last week. Each Monday I will post a new meditation. Check out last week’s here:

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I am posting these in conjunction with a series on Spiritual direction which I also began last week with this resource list. 

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