Madrone Chapel

by Christine Sine
Madrone Cross opt

by Elaine Breckenridge

I pause within this sacred grove
guarded and buttressed by Madrone.
A tree of knowledge, it finds the sun
twisting, turning, dropping a branch
letting light in and balancing darkness
forming a cross to hold the others.
It is my chapel
a threshold into transfiguration
who beckons me to bend
and balance light and dark within
so that I too become a sacred grove
and like Madrone hold the Cross as an icon
into the beauty and mystery of this world.

 Christine Sine is offering three seasonal, virtual retreats to explore living in balance and in line with the natural and liturgical rhythms of the year. Join her for one or all of them September 2, October 14 and December 9. These retreats will encourage us to center ourselves and our lives as we move through the seasons beginning in Fall and moving through Advent. They will be times of reflection, creativity and fun.

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