Last Chance to Preorder Advent Cards at Sale Prices

by Christine Sine

Tomorrow is the your last chance to preorder our beautiful Advent cards at a reduced price – and they are absolutely stunning so I hope you won’t miss out. Most of these cards have a stained glass theme, drawn from photos I have taken around the world as well as a stunning Advent photo taken by my good friend Tom Balke at Taize in France.

First you may wonder why we are advertising these so early in the year. It is because Celtic Advent begins November 15th and these cards provide 6 Advent cards so that those who practice Celtic Advent have enough to start November 15th

Wednesday prices increase to $12 for one set and $30 for 3 sets. So why the increase you may ask? Well blame it on printing costs which have gone up since the last set we produced. There are 13 cards in this set (one more than our previous sets) with color imprints on both sides and unfortunately that does not come cheap! But as I said they do look stunning!!!

Also the pdf is now available – still at the original $4.99 Enjoy.


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