Introduction to the Liturgical Calendar: Resource List

by Lisa DeRosa
Third Church RVA Liturgical Calendar Medium

I did not grow up in a liturgical church and to be honest, when I first read about it 40 years ago, I found little significance in a calendar that was totally out of synch with the seasons of the Southern hemisphere. It was my first Easter in the Northern hemisphere, with spring bursting out around me, and the promise of resurrection in the air that taught me to appreciate it. I love the way that it connects the human story to the story of God and find that even for my Southern hemisphere friends, it has growing significance that roots our faith in the events of Jesus’ life and encourage all Christians to explore the significance of the rhythm it provides for our lives.

Paul Neely of Global Christian Worship provides an amazing and comprehensive description of the Liturgical Calendar and how to use it in Using the Church Calendar to Celebrate the Whole Story of God.


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