Inspiration from Romans 8:18-25

by Christine Sine

by Christine Sine

This has been a struggling week for me and part of that has been because of some of the responses to the climate crisis news we face. Greta Thunberg has called us to action and I hope that we will respond. Romans 8:18-25 has been my go to scripture as I grapple with this. I recommend reading it in The Passion Translation to give yourself a fresh perspective on these important verses. I find that when I am grappling with an issue as important as this that reading a new or different translation always helps me to discern what God is saying.

A couple of days ago I wrote this prayer to both spur me me on and to encourage me as consider the many possibilities of what God is asking me to do.

It’s time for action
I know it.
Our children know it.
And the earth cries out in pain.
Crisis, crisis, crisis.
Will you save me from the burning,
Protect me from the wind and storm,
From the silence
Of a million species
Dead before their time.
Creation groans
As though in childbirth.
Waiting, waiting, waiting.
It yearns for freedom from human sin.
The entire universe stands on tiptoe.
Will we fulfill its hope
And be Christ’s hands and feet of healing?

(c) Christine Sine September 2019.

However just as Romans leaves us with hope, I wanted to do the same – hope from those who are reaching out to make a difference and here are a couple of good news stories:

Mexico City Is Converting Highway Pillars to vertical gardens 

Amazing Rooftop Panels of Microplants that Convert More CO2 Than a Single Tree. 

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