In This Moment

by Hilary Horn

By Taflin Fisher –

In this moment take stock of the treasure of creation. 

In pink blossoms lie the promise of sweet juicy peaches. 

In ground cover, rain, fungi and earthworms is the promise of living soil for spring planting. 

In seeds carefully saved from last year’s produce is the spark of new life. 

Treasure the sunshine! Reach and grow and stretch up to the sun!

Treasure the rain! Feel the tickle as it runs down your face. Lift your eyes to cloud and rainbow and feel God’s promise to be with us always. 

Treasure the moon! Benevolent ruler of tides and cycles of birth. Gentle light of the night. 

Treasure the stars! They guide our way by night and lend an element of magic to the skies. 

Treasure the wind! It blows to spread seeds far and wide. To clean out last year’s leaves from trees waiting to bud and to make the Earth fresh. 

Treasure the waters! Mineral rich, they tumble and splash through watershed, river and creek. All life exists because of the gift of water. 

Treasure our bodies! Able to tend the soil, plant the seeds, harvest and preserve the gifts of the garden. We bow our heads in thanks for this gift, whether our ability allows us a small windowsill garden or acres. 

Treasure creatures who share this Earth with us! Our beloved companions, those who give us milk and eggs, and those who are wild and free. 

Treasure our Earth! Tiny blue and green sphere spinning in the galaxy. Our home sweet home. Mountains, valleys, plains and oceans teeming with all life. Able to sustain and nourish us. Home!

Treasure all peoples and cultures!

Learn from each other. From new scientific breakthroughs to the wisdom of the ancients. Grow together. Respect, delight in and care for one another. 

Most of all, treasure our Creator! With us always. Love in purest form. Coaxing us to be co-creators, caregivers and healers of the earth we are so blessed to share. 

In this moment be awed by all this creation! Let your heart store up these treasures and be glad. 

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Herbert B Orr March 26, 2020 - 7:23 am

Re: “Treasure the waters” Recently, I read that we need to be reservoirs spiritually, such that like water overflows and accomplishes what the Holy Spirit wants of us. The key is that pristine spring water flows into such a reservoir to make it overflow. So, like me, I awaken with a fresh anointing song to sing. I meditate on it (my reservoir) Now, I am sharing to
others the message on my heart that is overflowing.example: “Be strong and take courage. Do not fear or be dismayed: For the Lord Who was strong before you is strong for you today!”
(Don’t be like the stagnant pools of water that does not get fresh water and cannot overflow to others!)

Herbert B Orr March 26, 2020 - 2:20 pm

When I related water in a reservoir that overflows like “my cup runneth over: I thought about when I saw the spring on the mountain of Montana was crystal clear but it flowed thru the rest of Montana , North & South Dakota and Missouri.
There are many hydroelectric dams along it. We know that this electricity is mainly used to light up an area that needs it.
So, spiritually, as water from the Holy Spirit introduces Jesus as the Light of the World that ministers to others that we share anointed messages with them.

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