Unpacking the Lord’s Prayer – An Earth Dance

by Christine Sine

Ironically one of the positive impacts of COVID-19 is a reduction of pollution and an improvement of air quality. Seed companies are overwhelmed because people are once more turning to the earth and to gardening as a release for stress and as a fun thing to do. As we approach the 50th celebration of Earth Day it is good for us to remember this. (And don’t forget tonight is Earth Hour – so turn off your lights for an hour and have some fun while you do so. )

I love this version of the Lord’s Prayer that reflects this

Our mother, 

which art the earth, 

Nurturing are thy ways. 

Thy web of life be woven 

Thy way be found within, 

As it is all around. 

Thank you this day for our daily bread and sweat 

and forgive us our misuse of you, 

as we forgive others their misuse of us. 

And lead us not into exploitation, 

But deliver us 

From lording it over you, 

And over each other, 

And over all our other fellow creatures. 

For thine are the waters of life, 

The hills, valleys and plains of home,  

The breeding, seeding, feeding ground, 

For now, and for as close to forever 

As we will ever come. 

Ah, woman! 

Our Father, Mother, 

who are in the world and surpass the world, 

Blessed be your presence, 

in us, in animals and flowers, 

in still air and wind. 

May justice and peace dwell among us, 

as you come to us. 

Your will be our will; 

Your will that we be sisters and brothers, 

as bread is bread, water is itself, 

For our hunger, for quenching of thirst. 

Forgive us. 

We walk crookedly in the world, 

are perverse, and fail of our promise. 

But we would be human, 

if only you consent to stir up our hearts. 


EARTH DANCE based on the Lord’s Prayer published in Minnesota Women’s Press, December 1999 Author thought to be Karen Loveland, as member of Unity Church, Santa Rosa, CA Passed on in 2000 by Nancy Carroll 

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