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Liturgical Rebels

by Christine Sine

We’ve done EIGHT episodes of Liturgical Rebels so far!

Episode 1 – Inaugural episode with Christine Sine and Forrest Inslee

Episode 2 – Poetry as Spiritual Practice with Christine Sine and Drew Jackson

Episode 3 – Explore Art with Scott Erickson

Episode 4 – Block prints & Faith journeys with Kreg Yingst

Episode 5 – Curating Worship with Mark Pierson and co-host Lilly Lewin

Episode 6 – Creative Worship with Lilly Lewin

And our two most recent episodes:

Episode 7 – Author & Activist Shane Claiborne

In this conversation, Christine Sine interviews Shane Claiborne, a Christian activist and author, about his journey and his work in advocating for social justice. They discuss topics such as community living, gun violence, the death penalty, and the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Shane shares his experiences and insights, highlighting the importance of love, nonviolence, and solidarity with marginalized communities. The conversation culminates in a discussion about the recent pilgrimage walk and protest at Lockheed Martin, a major weapons contractor.

Episode 8 – Into the Wild with Tony Jones

In this conversation, Tony shares his journey from being a pastor in the Emerging Church Network to finding solace and connection with God in the wilderness.  Tony emphasizes the importance of nature in spiritual experiences and how it can be a place to interact with God. He explores the presence of death in life from composting and gardening to hunting. The conversation explores the paradox of valuing animals and of hunting and eating them, the responsibility humans have for the death of animals, and the need for honesty about animal deaths. The conversation concludes with a discussion on mortality and the focus on living the best life in the present.

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