Episode 10 – Yarn bombing with Naomi Lawrence

by Christine Sine

In Episode 10 Christine interviews Naomi Lawrence, a fiber artist known for her yarn bombing installations, shares her journey and the impact of her art on communities. She started yarn bombing in 2012 and has since brought joy and light to dark places through her crochet creations. Yarn bombing is a form of street art where objects in public spaces are covered with knitted or crocheted pieces. Naomi’s installations have evolved from guerrilla knitting to commissioned site-specific projects, often bringing together communities to create the artwork. She shares positive responses from people who have been touched by her installations, including stories of hope and transformation. Naomi’s faith plays a significant role in her art, as she sees it as a way to show love, bring beauty, and make the world a better place. She is part of Inner Change, a Christian order that focuses on living out their faith in their contexts. Naomi’s artwork is a reflection of her identity and brings her immense satisfaction and joy.

Introduction and Reconnecting
Discovering Yarn Bombing and Bringing Light to Dark Places
Yarn Bombing as a Form of Street Art
Faith and the Role of Art in Naomi’s Life
Community and Support for Naomi’s Art

Naomi Lawrence is a NYC Fiber Artist based in Harlem, NYC.

She works with acrylic yarn to create oversized 2-Dimensional crochet flowers, trees and wildlife. The site-specific installations are sewn onto chain-link fences in parks and public spaces.

Originally from England, UK she studied Floral Design at the University of Arts London and worked as a freelance events florist for some of Londons top floral designers.

Her first installation created in 2014, Blue Iris endeared her to the community that she now calls home. Her installations take a few months to create but are generally approved by the city to stay in place for up to one year. They are often washed and refurbished to be reinstalled in various locations such as school playgrounds. Public engagement is a primary goal of each installation. The works become part of the urban landscape.

You can contact Naomi at https://naomilawrence.com/ or https://www.instagram.com/naomilawrence.art/ or https://www.patreon.com/NaomiRAG

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