Episode 6 – Creative Worship with Lilly Lewin

Liturgical Rebels

by Christine Sine

In this episode Christine interviews Lilly Lewin about creativity and worship. Lilly is worship curator of ThinplaceNASHVILLE and freerangeworship.com. She takes worship outside the box, beyond singing, through multi-sensory prayer, experiential worship, and art. Lilly leads workshops, & creates Sacred Space experiences in the US and abroad. Author of Sacred Space with Dan Kimball, and articles in Youthworker Journal, & Curating Worship by Jonny Baker.

Lilly Lewin shares her journey into art and worship curation including the importance of incorporating art and participatory elements into worship experiences. She also explains how she creates sacred spaces and prayer stations using everyday objects. She emphasizes the need to redefine worship and highlights the value of prayer as a practice of noticing the world. Lilly  and Christine  discuss the use of everyday objects as prayer tools and the concept of pilgrimage. They explore different forms of pilgrimage and the importance of noticing God’s presence in the journey. They also emphasize the need to live as pilgrims in our own towns and to make worship more participatory.


  • Art is a powerful tool for worship and spiritual expression.
  • Participation is key in worship, and incorporating art engages all the senses and create a more meaningful and memorable experience.
  • Creating sacred spaces and prayer stations provide opportunities for people to encounter God in a tangible way.
  • Prayer is not limited to traditional settings and can be practiced throughout daily life by noticing the world around us.

Columba’s Bay Labyrinth


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