FreerangeFriday: The Easter Cup of Doubt

by Lilly Lewin
CUP doubt1

By Lilly Lewin,

The story of Easter Sunday, the story of Resurrection comes with many emotions. The women at the tomb were frightened and astonished by the angels who told them that Jesus wasn’t there, HE IS RISEN. Peter and the other disciples were so afraid of getting arrested that they hid themselves away. Peter and John ran to the tomb in expectation not sure what they would really find. There were inklings of faith, yet there was still a lot of doubt. In fact Thomas gets the nickname “doubting Thomas” because he wanted physical proof that Jesus was really alive. He didn’t want to take the word of the women or even his good friends. He wanted to see and touch Jesus himself.

Last Friday, we started considering the Easter Cups we can use to pray with between now and Pentecost. Like the early followers of Jesus, we need time to process the many emotions that we have in this season of Resurrection.

Today, we are praying with the Easter Cup of Doubt and Fear.

CUP open and empty

The Cup of Doubt and Fear

The Cup of Doubt
This week, I’ve felt a lot like Thomas.
Carrying a cup of doubt around.
A cup empty of belief.
There is so much brokenness.
So much pain.
Another young black man killed by police.
Like Thomas, I am doubtful…
I doubt that white people can
understand the fear and pain of our black and brown friends.
I doubt the will of the people to actually make changes to ALL THE BROKEN SYSTEMS that keep people of color enslaved.
I doubt the ability of our selfish culture to see all the broken systems that keep people of all colors in poverty!
I doubt myself and my ability to make a difference!
Like Thomas, I need help to believe again.
I need to see for myself!
I need to touch Jesus!
I need to touch his wounds and remember.
To see Love & Forgiveness in his eyes!
I want to drink in Love, not hate & bitterness.
I need to hand over the cup of doubt and let Jesus hold it for me
Let Jesus pour it out for me!
Let Jesus refill that cup with Hope
So I can drink the Easter Cup even in the middle of a dark week.

Cup of doubt 2

What is in Your Cup?


How about you? What is in your cup this week?

Have you been drinking in New Life or feeling more like Thomas and Peter?

What are the doubts in your cup?

What are the doubts and fears that you’ve been drinking?

Talk to Jesus about this.

HOLD YOUR CUP. Imagine all the doubts and all the fears you’re carrying around and drinking in this week. Are you willing to let Jesus have your cup of doubt, your cup of fear today?

I am very grateful that Jesus isn’t afraid of our doubts and He understands our fears and our need to see for ourselves. Be honest. Talk to Jesus about where you really are. Allow Jesus to hold this cup for you today. 

Let Jesus fill your cup with just what you need today, especially His abundant grace and love!

©lillylewin and

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Lisa DeRosa April 16, 2021 - 10:17 am

This week, my cup has been filled with fear and anticipation on the unknown and how I will respond to it. I have filled my cup with busyness and activities so I don’t have time to sit and think about what’s in my cup. But for the few moments that it took to read this and drink my coffee while sitting in the sunshine, I feel renewed. I know that even a few moments can restore my soul because God works outside the parameters of our time. Thank you, Lilly!

Herbert Orr April 16, 2021 - 12:17 pm

As fat as the problems of the world. My answer is “We live in perilous times” That takes care of it.
My doubts are that I do not understand a lot of the Bible. So, the moment I realize this I quote to myself Proverbs 3 vs 5-6.” Trust in the Lord with all your heart and not you own understanding.” (that is not Biblical!)
#1: Jesus told the 2 on the road to Emmaus that He fulfilled all that was spoken about Him in the Old Testament.
#2 2nd Timothy 3 v 16:” All Scripture is inspired…”
# 3 Many Bible teachers testify that the Bible is without errors. All these are smarter that I so how could I ? their statement.
Also, I like the hymn: “I know Whom I believed:
#1 The writer doesn’t understand why grace and redemption is his.
#2 saving faith brought peace.?
#3 “I know not how the Spirit moves convicting men of sin: revealing Jesus thru the Word creating faith in Him
But I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I’ve committed unto Him against that day.”

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