To Garden With God + Gift of Wonder Prayer Cards Bundle


This unique bundle includes our best selling book, To Garden with God, and 1 set of Gift of Wonder prayer cards (12 cards).

“No matter how many challenges there are, nothing can take away from the deep satisfaction of getting one’s hands into the earth, digging, planting and harvesting the bounty of God’s good creation. Nor can they detract from the joy that engulfs as as we experience the awe inspiring generosity of a God who wants to provide abundantly for all of humankind. The garden is a place of healing, of wholeness and of deeply spiritual encounters where God restores our bodies and our spirits in a way that is truly miraculous.” (from To Garden with God)


To Garden With God, Christine Sine compiles twenty years of gardening experience and advice for backyard gardening interspersed with deep spiritual lessons to be learned from God’s good creation. Nothing gives us a greater sense of the presence of God than working in the garden. We read about the death and resurrection of Christ in the Bible, but experience it every time we plant a seed and watch it burst into life. We read about the faithfulness of God to Israel but experience it every time we watch the rain fall and nourish the seeds we plant. We read about the miracle of the fish and the loaves but experience a miracle every time we are overwhelmed by the generosity of God’s harvest.

We have created a special set of Gift of Wonder prayer cards which incorporate some of the prayers from the Gift of Wonder book with personal photos and short reflections. These cards capture the essence of the feeling of awe and wonder. Each prayer is beautifully written to focus our thoughts, feelings, and hearts towards our loving God. The back of each card provides a short excerpt with a question for you to reflect on as you study and process what you are reading.

This bundle includes 1 set of Gift of Wonder prayer cards (12 cards) and To Garden with God.

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