FreerangeFriday: Take time to fill up your cup

by Lilly Lewin
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by Lilly Lewin,

“You cannot keep pouring out from an empty cup”… one of my favorite things to remind people of… and to say to remind myself that I need to stop, pause, and refill my cup!
We all need to take the time this summer to refill our cups!
TAKE OUT A MUG OR A CUP and hold it in your hand.
What’s in your cup these days?
Is it feeling full or empty?
Consider these questions and ask Jesus to show you:
What brings you joy?
What makes you smile?
What gives you life?
How can you plan to pour more of these things into the cup of your life this season?
You and I need to take the time to do these things, not just think about them!
What has been draining your cup in these last few weeks? TALK TO JESUS ABOUT THESE THINGS.
Imagine pouring these things out of your cup!
What if we STOP doing things that are not life giving? The things that deplete us!

I’m taking a lot of time off to rest and refuel this summer. I know this is a privilege and a gift. I am very grateful for time to heal! I realized my cup was empty and this pandemic has depleted many of my inner resources.

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What helps you fill your cup?

How about you?
How is your margin?
We need to honor where we are…
We need to realize when we are fried.
We need to notice when our cup is empty!
We need to ask for help.
We need to stop and breathe.
Even Elijah the great prophet needed a nap & a snack!
Jesus took naps! Even in the midst of a storm!
God gives us permission to Rest!
So give yourself permission!
Take time this weekend to fill up your cup and allow Jesus to refresh you!

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