freerangefriday: Let Jesus Hold Stuff for You!

by Lilly Lewin

By Lilly Lewin

Body Prayer…this is my current favorite practice. It is helping me stay sane in this crazy season.

We are all carrying many heavy things today…things weighing us down.



People we cannot fix or control

Relationships that aren’t where we wish






These are heavy things…

What else are you carrying?

We need to let God hold and carry these things for us.

Cup your hands in front of you and imagine all the heavy things you’re holding in your hands…

Feel the weight.

Imagine each of these things…visualize the words or the images of all the burdens weighing you down today.

Now picture Jesus across from you.

Reach across and place all these things in the hands of Jesus.

Give these things into the hands of Jesus to hold and carry for you today.

And know that Jesus will hold them and be in charge of them, you don’t have to carry them anymore.

Let Jesus hold these for you!

You don’t have to take them back!

Let’s Pray…

Thank you Jesus for holding all these heavy things for me today! Thank you that you understand their weight and my worry. Thank you that you will hold them and care for them, and we are free to let them all go! Help me not to take them back. Fill me with your peace and hope today and help me to know that hold me too in the palm of your hand! AMEN

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