FreerangeFriday: Follow the Star into 2020

by Lilly Lewin

By Lilly Lewin

Consider being a magi, a wiseman or woman, a wise counselor in 2020.
Imagine it!  Picture yourself.

You are extremely smart, in fact you were in the top five in your class. A scholar! You are interested in everything, learning all that you can.

You spend hours reading and searching on line for information on a variety of subject. Friends, family, leaders come and ask you for advice and for help on their projects.

You want to know things. You are interested. You are inquisitive. You are always aware and available for new stuff to come along! You aren’t afraid to to search for new things. You aren’t afraid to go wherever you need to go to get the info you need!

After months of searching and reading and paying attention, you notice on line that things start coming together. Many things seem to point to a special event getting ready to happen in a distant city.

You get so excited taht you tell your friends! They start watching for the signs too!

Finally, when the evidence for this special event is so great that you just can’t miss it…you tell your family you have to leave, you have to go! You don’t know how long you will be gone. You don’t know when you will be back. You DO know that someone very special is about to arrive! And you want to be a part of it!

You pack your bags with special gifts. You and your friends leave to seek this special one who has been announced in all the signs!

You leave your home, your family, all that is familiar to you…

to Follow the Star

to Seek the King of Kings…Emmanuel. God with us!


by Lilly Lewin

How will you follow Jesus, The Star, in 2020? What does it mean for you to follow the Star? What does following The Star look like for you?

What do you need to leave behind in order to follow The Star in the New Year? What is holding you back from going on the journey?

What friends do you need to invite, or take with you to help you follow The Star? Pray for them to join you.

What gifts do you want to bring with you to give away in 2020?

The Magi didn’t know exactly where they were going…they stopped and asked for directions. What things help you stay on the right path? What do you need this New Year to help you stay on the path?

How can you see this New Year as an adventure in Following the Star? Draw a picture, write a story, create a collage, curate a playlist of songs, find a star, or get outside and look at the stars nightly to help you imagine the Journey and Follow the Star in 2020. Which one will you choose?


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