Freerangefriday: Easter Prayers for Ukraine and Russia

by Lilly Lewin

by Lilly Lewin

Did you know that 220 million people are celebrating Easter this Sunday, April 24th? The Orthodox Church is the second largest Christian Church after the Catholic Church. That means that a large portion of Christians are remembering Good Friday and Holy Saturday today, depending upon their time zone! This also means that our Orthodox friends in Ukraine AND fellow Christians in Russia will be celebrating Easter this weekend!

It’s a great reminder to pray for PEACE and an END to war!

It’s a great reminder to pray for Miracles!

And to pray for the end to the death and destruction of this conflict and all the pain it is causing!

I need to be reminded that people are suffering on both sides of this horrific conflict. Especially those who want PEACE and those who are poor. This past weekend, on Easter Sunday, Reverend Becca Stephens reminded us that Ukraine is the breadbasket for Europe and much of their grain goes to Africa too! So this war is causing a crisis for the food supply globally. Farmers are suffering because they should be planting now! One way to help is through SEEDS. St. Augustine’s here in Nashville is collecting seeds and money for seeds to help farmers in Ukraine. You can find out more at the link.


St. Augustine’s EASTER Service

Other organizations like  Doctors without Borders and World Central Kitchen are helping on the ground and need our support and prayers.

sunflowers in blue vase

Pray with Sunflowers


You probably know now that the Sunflower is the National flower of Ukraine. (learn more here)
A great reminder to pray for UKRAINE and the end of the War,  and for refugees, etc. is to find a photograph of a Sunflower or buy some sunflowers and have a visual reminder to pray.

The national flower of Russia is the Chamomile, a symbol of healing. Find some Chamomile tea and make it a daily practice to drink the tea and pray for healing in our world, in Russia and Ukraine, pray for peace and those working for peace around the world and especially in Russia.
Breathe in the scent of the tea as well as tasting it!


Drink some Chamomile Tea


Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus sing “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”

A Ukrainian Prayer by John Rutter

God, we are heartbroken for our Ukrainian siblings

For all who are suffering,
 For all who are displaced,
 For all who are fighting, For all who are dying,
 For all who are fearful,
 For all who are resolute, 
For all who feel hopeless.
We are sad and sick at heart
 That war has once again been waged on innocents, on anyone.
 We lament and mourn this tragedy
. And commit to lending our strength and love to those in the fight,
 Even as we ask for all bloodshed to cease.
 As Christ has shamed violence, so do we.
Jesus forgave his enemies and loved them even from the cross,
We are commanded to love our enemies and pray for them.
We pray for all in Russia who are suffering.
For all who are displaced, 
For all who are fighting,
 For all who are dying,
 For all who are fearful, 
For all who are resolute, 
For all who feel hopeless.
Lord Jesus your RESURRECTION is about a whole new way of living!
Help us to live out love.
Help us to live out peace and live out and stand up for justice. In your Name! AMEN

Prayer based on a Litany for Ukraine by Rev Fran Pratt

chamomile tea

Pray with chamomile tea

©lillylewin and

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