Freerange Friday: Summer Practice

by Lilly Lewin

By Lilly Lewin

I believe strongly that we need everyday ways to experience and connect with Jesus. Too often, we make prayer too hard and complex.

I like to use things I do and see everyday, to help me remember and help me to connect with Jesus and help me pray.

I made similar list last summer, but here are a few ideas to help you practice and pray in this new season.

Breathing! Just Breathe! Breathe in the Love of Jesus, breathe out frustration. Breathe in the Peace of God, breathe out anxiety. Breathe in the Hope of the Holy Spirit, Breathe out uncertainty and fear. Breathe in Love!

Standing in the Wind… Stand in the Wind and let the breeze blow over you.
Imagine the wind of the Holy Spirit filling you and inspiring you.
Feel the wind on your face, your skin.
Imagine God touching you with God’s love and kindness.
Watch the trees. Listen to the sound of the wind as it blows the foliage. What is God saying to you through the wind and the breeze today? Ask Jesus to show you?

Putting on SunScreen/Suntan Lotion… As you put on your sunscreen, ask Jesus to protect you from harm.
or Use the lotion as a reminder of God’s love and protection. Every time you put on the lotion, remember that Jesus is loving, healing and protecting you.

Putting on your Sunglasses…
Use your sunglasses as a reminder to look for The Son in your world…in other people, in the views and vistas you walk by, and drive by. Thank Jesus for your eyes. Be grateful for all the beautiful sights and scenery around you. Practice seeing the world through Son Glasses. Ask Jesus to give you his eyes to see, to see the world, to see your neighborhood, to see as he sees it.

Working in the Garden…
Plant some seeds and watch them grow.
What is God planting in your life?
Do you know? Have you asked?
What does God desire to grow in your life this season?
Watering your plants and flowers…
Are you feeling dry this season?
Are you thirsty like a flower before the rain?
What are you thirsty for?
How do you need to be refreshed?
Talk to Jesus about this. As you water your plants or your garden. Ask Jesus to pour out his living water in your life.

What about weeds? Those pesky things that appear overnight and have to be dealt with before they take over. What weeds are growing in your life right now?? What weeds need to be taken out?
Allow Jesus to show you the weeds and use weeding your garden as a practice of confession.

Eating Fresh Fruit… When you are cutting up fruit,
take time to notice the smell, the aroma, the colors and textures. Allow the fruit to remind you of the sweetness and goodness of God. Reflect on a fruit of the Spirit.  Then Taste and see that the Lord is Good.

Fruits of the Spirit…love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, gentleness, kindness, faithfulness, self control. You might even choose a fruit for each word and meditate on that “fruit” as you eat it. Check out a cute fruits of the Spirit craft I found on Etsy.

Wrapping yourself in Beach towel or Blanket… Jesus wants to wrap you in his great love this season. Every time you wrap up in a towel or blanket, imagine Jesus wrapping you in his arms of love!

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