For Love

by Christine Sine
For Love

poem and photo by Ana Lisa de Jong,

For love God has formed us.

For love, God
like a ring of engagement
placed upon our fingers,
has made us, glorious,
sacrosanct to him.

For love, God
draws a chair at the table,
and in the private cell of our hearts
makes himself space, a home.

For love God has filled us.

For love, God
like bread on the waters,
or wine at the brim,
in the cup of our body,
has made us as an offering, a gift to the world.

For love God has formed us,
shapes us,
makes us fully acceptable,
that on a fine day, we see ourselves
backlit by sky,

or placed high on a mantelpiece
in the honoured part of the home,
where all the guests who visit
whisper under their breath,

‘how beautiful,
how beautiful is that.’

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Michael Moore May 19, 2021 - 7:13 am

Ah for love… thank you, dear Ana… much needed today!

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