Creator Delights In

by Christine Sine

by Karen Wilk

Creator delights in
Long-necked giraffes
…..Huge elephants
Flamingoes turning pink
…..from eating too much shrimp
Intoxicating lily-of-the-valley, lilacs perfume
The sound of honking geese in a V vroom
A hard-shelled turtle, a white long eared rabbit,
A rainbow, a newborn, a thunderstorm
And me?

Creator delights in
Ants marching in a line
Hummingbirds in flight
The neighbour cat exploring
The puppy slipping through the hedge
The chipmunk sitting on the ledge
Bees buzzing, butterflies soaring
Herbs in the garden
Beans in a row
My pink polka dot plant
Our children, laughing, as they go
Unique, gifted, benign beauty,
Earth, sky, rain proffering
Like our neighbours offering…
…..…..Openness, hospitality
…..…..Friendliness and generosity

Not because of, if or when
Every all are Your delight!
…..Precious, priceless in Your sight
Cherished, treasured meant for flight!


Join Christine Sine on October 14 or watch the recording later. October and November, the season between Canadian Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving, is gratitude season on Godspacelight. Christine Sine will encourage you to enter into the practice of gratitude in this  interactive retreat that will help us enter this season of gratitude with joy and delight in our hearts.


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