Karen Wilk

by Christine Sine

Karen Wilk is an engaged, contemplative neighbour, community pastor, missional leader, speaker and writer ~ on the journey.

Currently she works with Resonate Global Mission and Forge Canada teaching, coaching, and practising what it means to discover and join the Spirit on God’s mission in our neighbourhoods.

She has a Doctorate in Missional Leadership and has been a pastor for 35+ years in Edmonton, Alberta, where she also enjoys being a wife, mom and neighbour. Karen has written numerous curricula, articles, devotionals, poetic prayers and ponderings and books including Don’t Invite Them to Church: Moving from a Come and See to a Go and Be Church. In her ‘spare’ time, she loves to play pickleball, ride her e-bike, take in some theatre or jazz and the many outdoor activities in the city’s beautiful river valley and beyond. She is always eager to discover and experience more of Creator’s people, places and things!