Meditation Monday – Christ Walk With Us

by Christine Sine

Christ walk with us.001

by Christine Sine

One of my favourite songs from our recent Celtic retreat begins Christ has walked this path, the path that we are on. As I listened again to this beautiful song over the week I found myself thinking about the many ways in which Christ walks with me on this path through life;

Christ walks before me

Christ is the guide who shows me how to live. His life is the guiding star for all that I should commit my life to – justice, healing, compassion, generosity, inclusivity. These are some of the characteristics of the life Christ lived that I want to model in my own life

Christ stands behind me

When I am vulnerable and uncertain Christ is there nudging me on, encouraging me and holding me up. He protects me from my shortcomings and the things that so easily push me off track. He guards me from attacks of self centredness, ignorance and doubt.

Christ walks beside me

Christ is my friend. This is something that the Celtic saints knew very well. There’s was not an emperor Christ but a companion. They would often talk to Christ as if he walked beside them in an intimate and companionable relationship

Christ stands beneath me.

Christ is the foundation on which we stand. Our knowledge of who he is and what he has done is the bedrock of our faith, the principles that prevent us stumbling and going astray.

What is your response.

It is always both comforting and strengthening for me to think about the characteristics of Christ that are central to my faith and I like to return to these on a regular basis. Listen to the video below. Think about your own walk with Christ and the characteristics of your faith that strengthen and uphold you. Write these down. How can you continue to develop them?

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