Back From the Brink by Peter Andrews

by Christine Sine

Back from the brink

One of the delights of international travel is the opportunity to read books that otherwise would not come my way. Back from the Brink by Peter Andrews is one such book. He believes that to save the land we need to return the landscape to its original systems. Andrews has developed technique called Natural Sequence Farming which:

offers a low-cost, widely applicable method of reducing drought severity and boosting productivity on Australia’s farms and landscapes. The technique is based on ecological principles, low input requirements and natural cycling of water and nutrients to make the land more resilient.

This book holds some fascinating insights which are applicable for farmers and gardeners wherever we are in the world. I am itching to try some of his suggestions when I get back to Seattle. The book is unfortunately out of print but I am sure there are a number of second hand copies around for the interested.

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