A Season of Harvest – Let Us Thank God

by Christine Sine

by Christine Sine
Yesterday’s post reminded me that I have not posted harvest prayers and litanies for a long time. This one I wrote several years ago (and there are links to more as well) is my favorite and I didn’t think I needed to write a new one, especially with the abundant harvest of apples I am still working to process.

Scarlet runner beans ready for the winter

Scarlet runner beans ready for the winter

It is harvest season here in the Pacific Northwest. The tomatoes are finally ripening, the beans have dried on the vine and the apples and pears are ready to be picked. As I walk out and see the miracle of what has come from tiny seeds my heart swells with gratitude at the wonder of how God provides. each year at this time I write reflections and prayers on the harvest season, perfect to think about on my awe and wonder walks.

A few years ago I wrote this reflection: The Harvest is Plentiful But the Labourers are Few;

The year before I posted this: Praying for an Abundant Harvest

And the year before wrote this litany: God of the Bountiful – A Harvest Prayer

And my first post on this theme in 2008: The Generosity of God – Fish and Loaves for all

There is something about this season that calls forth my gratitude and thanksgiving in ways that I realize I cannot deny. And it reinforces the generosity of God and God’s expectation that we will share from this bounty.

This morning as the fragrance of our apples continues to surround me I found myself revisiting this prayer which is one that I shared in To Garden with God (still the best selling of my books) :

God we thank you for a harvest of plenty,

Small seeds that multiply to feed many,

Trees that blossom and produce abundant fruit,

Tomatoes that ripen on the vine with sweet flavour.

God we thank you for abundance overflowing,

Enough for our own needs and an abundance to share,

Enough to feed the hungry and provide for the destitute,

Enough to reach out with generosity and care. 

God we thank you for seeds you have planted in our hearts,

Seeds of righteousness yielding goodness and mercy,

Seeds of love yielding justice and peace,

Seeds of compassion yielding healing and renewal.

God we thank you for the bread of heaven,

Christ our saviour planted in our lives,

Christ our redeemer growing in our hearts,

Christ your Son making us one with you.

God we thank you for the gift of life,

Like water poured out on thirsty ground,

Spring and autumn rains that revive and bring life,

A river that flows from your heart and out into the world you love.


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Herbert B Orr September 19, 2019 - 9:57 am

Once again: First the natural. Then the spiritual: like parables:
About the lady who felt that she must let others who come after her so that they can get raspberries, also.
Spiritual: I have given out about 1600 “Good News” Christian tracts with the motive for the lost to be saved and Christians to be encouraged. Of course, I would like to know how many did get
saved. But, I am hoping that others would also witness to those people. after me.
Paul in 1st Corinthians 1 v 12 is the Bible sequence: There are those who followed him.
Others: Apollos, Others: Cephas= Peter but Christ did the increase.

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