A Prayer for The Victims of Dorian and Imelda, and bushfires in Australia

by Christine Sine
I have been sitting here this morning my heart aching for the victims of Dorian, Imelda and the bushfires in Australia. It seems as though every time we turn around at the moment there is a fresh disaster. It is easy for us to want.to switch of our response and turn away because we are overwhelmed, but I encourage you to take a few minutes to join me in prayer and to consider how God would have you respond today.
God of compassion
You created a world for us
Filled with beauty and abundance.
You made it in love
And proclaimed the goodness of it.
Yet amidst this beauty and goodness
We encounter so much pain and hurt,
So many forces beyond our control
that make us question that goodness and your love.
At times like this our hearts are shaken and ache with sorrow.
The destruction of lives, homes and livelihoods eats at our souls.
Hear our prayers for those affected by the floods in Texas
the hurricane in the Bahamas and the bushfires in Australia
In the midst of so many disasters.
May we always respond with compassion and generosity and caring.
Hear our prayers for all who are grieving
Comfort them and fill them with your peace.
Hear our prayers for all who are working
To bring relief and restoration and fresh hope.
Protect and keep them as they reach out with your love.
In your mercy God Almighty
Keep all in the shelter of your arms

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