A Psalm of Holy Invitation

by Hilary Horn

By Jenneth Graser

Lord you are my refuge of long ages past.

I run into your strength.

Only you are the one who is able

to search me out for enemies within.

You blow through the rooms of my inward home,

as I open the windows for your Spirit

to see me in my entirety.

You rout out my inner darkness.

You expose my foes and reveal each scheme.

You are able to bring my turmoil

into peace that goes beyond all my striving efforts

to achieve peace.

It is only in your righteousness that I can rest.

I will offer the gifts of my gratitude.

I will sing over the last touches of night

that are broken with the first bird’s kiss.

I will sing over the morning thanks

that rises with the sun from my back

and warms my every inclination into praise.

Your holiness is an invitation

and the pure in heart will see God.

When you ripped the curtain of deep separation,

you cleansed my heart at once.

I will see your face everywhere,

when I look.


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