A Prayer for Peace In the New Year – Let Us Join Pope Francis

by Christine Sine


God we have tasted of your goodness,

And bowed before the Prince of peace.

Let his radiance shine through us,

And out into your broken world.

As want and war increase,

Let us seek peace and pursue it.

With every breath and heartbeat,

May we become its messengers.

Inspire us,

Compel us to respond.

Justice, freedom, generosity,

Let them flow,

From us to others.

Show the world your face,

In us and through us,

As we bow before the mystery of your presence,

Immersed in silence.

I wrote this after listening to Pope Francis’s Christmas Eve message. Yes I know I am a little slow but this really is a great message to start the new year with. The cry in my heart is for the peace of Christ to be fully realized in our world and that is what Pope Francis talked about

I particularly love these quotes from his message:

I take up the song of the angels who appeared to the shepherds in Bethlehem on the night when Jesus was born. It is a song which unites heaven and earth, giving praise and glory to heaven, and the promise of peace to earth and all its people.

Prince of Peace, in every place turn hearts aside from violence and inspire them to lay down arms and undertake the path of dialogue.

Join me in not just praying for peace but in becoming God’s instruments of peace out into our world.


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