Wounded Healer

by Christine Sine
Wounded healer

by Sheila Hamil (Welcome new Godspace Community member!),

Is every day becoming ‘Groundhog Day’ for you? By that I refer to the film of that name, where a grumpy TV presenter wakes up each morning and discovers to his dismay, that it is the very same day each day, in every aspect, but he does have the capability to work changes within it. Is this is how you’re feeling with the world at the moment? Are you disillusioned? Are you are feeling dull and drained? Are you are ill or exhausted? Are you in need of a healing of body, mind or spirit?

We all possess the capability to change how the day pans out. There’s an answer in this passage from scripture, from the book of Isaiah 40:31, where it says:

Those who wait upon the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Why not give this a try, it can’t hurt can it? Wait upon the Lord? What does this mean?

Try this for ten minutes each morning. Clear your mind and simply listen. Imagine you’re on the phone, and it is God on the line. Open with the words: “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.” And do just that, just be quiet. Just be!

Ten minutes; that’s all it takes (or you might want to take longer). This is waiting upon the Lord.

You may want to write down any thought that comes to your mind. You may be guided to some book, even a passage of scripture; it may be that someone in need springs to mind; or a song or whispered words. God is real, personal and he’s accessible. Is ten minutes too much to ask? It may just change your day, your life, your purpose, your plans.

This is a story once told, I believe, by the Cure D’ars:

Each and every day an elderly man would enter church to say his prayers. He would sit at the back quietly for ten minutes or so, and then go out. The priest smiled to see one of his flock so devoted to a life of prayer, for he would see the man’s lips moving as he sat quite still. One day, as the man left church, they spoke together, and the priest asked the man what kind of prayers he prayed. The man replied that he said the same simple prayer every day, which was, “Hello God, this is Jim!” Some years later that same man died, and the priest had a very strange dream about him. The man was entering heaven, where he met the most beautiful angel, who introduced him to the One who sat on the throne, saying to him, “Hello Jim, this is God!”. Ten minutes a day well spent!

Song:  This was written for a friend in trouble, and I just didn’t know how to help her or how to convince her how much she was loved by God. ©1992 Sheila Hamil

Taken from the “Lockdown Legacy” series on Sheila Hamil’s YouTube channel.

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