Rev Sheila Hamil

by Christine Sine
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As an NSM priest (from 1998) Sheila, a former schoolteacher, served in three different churches in the North-East of England, and has now retired from parish ministry to concentrate on radio broadcasting, evangelism and outreach events and have more time for her family.

 She was the joint leader of the Christian folk band ‘United Folk’, an inter-denominational band of Christian musicians, singers and dancers from the North East of England that worshipped and witnessed together in a wide variety of settings, from 1974 until 1992. They released two CD’s: ‘The Best Of United Folk’ and ‘Out of the Archives’.

 Sheila has released three solo albums; ‘Giving It All To You’, ‘Called To Serve’ and ‘If I Have Not Love I Am Nothing’; and also two children’s musicals, i.e. ‘The Easter Story’ and ‘The Christmas Story’

 Her music video projects include: ‘KALEIDOSCOPE OF CHARACTERS’:- 48 ‘All-Age’ songs inspired by stories from the Old Testament ‘PEARLS OF GREAT PRICE’ :-31 songs, along with dramas, inspired by parables Jesus told, and LOCKDOWN LEGACY, a collection of 72 videos illustrating songs composed by Sheila & friends.(2020)

In addition to composing and singing her music, she has also written a vast number of Christian sketches, drama and school assemblies.

All of her work can be downloaded free, on either her website or from Youtube

Sheila is happily married to Bob and they have three children, and six grandchildren.