World Kindness Day

by Hilary Horn

Today is World Kindness Day. We celebrate with this poem written by Ana Lisa De Jong


Kindness is the space between
a spring rising from a desert
a strip of blue against leaden sky.

Kindness is the space between breaths
a pause that holds back speech
and a voice that advocates.

Kindness is the heart’s response
to the rational mind.
It is mercy unwarranted and still poured out.

So that kindness becomes a river
a slender thread in a barren landscape
refreshing a thirsty ground.

Whoever felt confidence in themselves
was first shown kindness,
and patience for a slow unfolding.

Kindness leaves justice
without a defence
for its cold insistence on what’s right.

Kindness blurs the lines of right and wrong
but still comes out on top
for its redemptive grace.

When forgiveness becomes a given
transformation is the result
of a mercy that wipes the slate clean.

Yes, kindness is the space between
a spring rising to become a torrent
of love with no agenda but the giving,

Yes, transparent river
to cleanse muddied waters
through the purity of its intention,

kindness is the space between.
A net of safety to gift
dreams a chance of birthing.

And kindness is the only force
to create life from nothing.
As yeast is to bread so kindness is to us.

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