Wholeness and brokenness ; A Poem

by Hilary Horn

As we enter into our new theme this summer, Spirit of Imperfection, let us reflect on this beautiful poem by Jeannie Kendall

Wholeness and brokenness

can be strangely misleading.

We wear our “wholeness”

like a badge of honor

seldom recognizing

that it is a shield;

our prized invulnerability a mask

deflecting gazes

which we fear

may linger too long

and see what is within.

Yet, if we could but own

our brokenness,

find it held by fellow-pilgrims

as a sacrament;

we may yet discover

that in our fragile, broken selves

we are more whole

than ever we were

hiding behind our strength;

and where we see only fracture

God sees instead

a window

through which

His light and life

may flow.

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