What Is Advent All About Anyway?

by Christine Sine

The beginning of Advent is only three weeks away but many of us are unfamiliar with the season and its relevance to our faith.

Advent marks the beginning of the liturgical year. It is a season in which we wait in hope and anticipation for the coming of Christ into our world. Here are two excellent videos I have found that help to explain in a few minutes the meaning of the season. The first is a short punchy introduction, the second a more traditional explanation. Enjoy and share them with your friends – and don’t forget to sign up on the Facebook page Coming Home: Uncovering Our Roots in the Advent Story and share the page with your friends. We are already posting about coming home to help focus our thoughts away from the Christmas rush and frenzy as we head towards the holidays. Will continue to post daily not just the posts from this blog but other prayers, songs and liturgies as well.




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