We're Not As Alone As We May Feel

by Christine Sine
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Photo by Joy Lenton

By Joy Lenton

World news rocks our equilibrium on a daily basis. Most of us suffer from overload of information. Hot on its heels can come compassion fatigue.

Because who can keep paying attention when we receive such saturation?

Overexposure often leaves us numb. We can so easily become overwhelmed, making feelings flatten and interest wane.

But if we pause and reflect, we are reminded of being Christ’s ambassadors in a needy world – His grace givers, light bearers and Truth sharers.


God’s heart never stops aching for wounded humanity.

His love encompasses the whole world.

His grace provides hope in every hurting place.

We live with one foot in the world and the other in God’s kingdom.


We are torn and made tender when we survey life as Jesus does.

We live with the birth pangs of a world crying for release and an earth aching to be renewed in the fullness of the kingdom-to-come.

We wonder how to live well without drowning under a world’s pain. As we ponder and pray and seek God’s wisdom, we discover just what our individual contribution might be.

Then we can help one another to see we are not as alone as we may feel.


Hungering to help


I hunger to be a voice for the voiceless

dispossessed, cast aside and marginalised

refugees, orphans and widows who long

to find safe resting place, a home


For the weary, wounded and weak

and all who bear deep hurt and pain

who live in shadowlands of shame


Those who are guilt-ridden, captive

bound to a past they have ached

for so long to break free from


I hunger for the hungry to be fed

for this land to be led by righteousness

for justice to rule and reign

so all can breathe freely again


Those who are thirsty to be filled

from a fountain’s never-ending stream

For people of any age to still dare

to believe and follow their dream


I hunger for the sick to find solace

freedom from all that ails them

as they sit with illness, distress


I long to have an open, caring heart

that is tender, rich in compassion

and mercy, one that won’t stand apart

from those who suffer and are in need


I yearn to live as Jesus-with-skin-on

for those who have never known Him

who ache to be shown His love and

need to see how His mercy and grace

embrace and offer us all an open door



Dear Lord of Light and Life,

It can feel so overwhelming when we view a world dark with great need. Please show us how we can be salt and light for You in the midst of such pain and distress.

We may not all be able to help physically or financially in times of crisis, but we could be present if possible, provide support, a listening ear, friendship and prayer.

Show us how to offer love, grace and mercy to others, especially those within our sphere of influence. Help us to live well as Your ambassadors here.

May we be given wisdom and discernment about the means of ministry at our disposal and the strength to carry it out.

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