I Look For You

by Christine Sine
I Look for you photo 2

Photo by Ana Lisa De Jong

By Ana Lisa De Jong

‘Each morning I will look to you in heaven, and lay my requests before you, praying earnestly.’
Psalm 5:3


I look for you.
I look for you without realising it.
It is always you that I seek.
As I look for you in all whom I love, all whom I meet.

And as another day draws to an end,
where I have gone misunderstood, where I have felt neglect.
I become aware that it is only you,
no-one else, in whose love I can be truly complete.

That without you, like half a heart,
or an empty vessel, I only know a lonely ache.
For there’s only one, only one that exists
whose love I can rest in – replete.

So I look for you.
And never find you, or at least only in part.
Each person I meet, imperfect yet
reflecting a portion of your perfect heart.

But they can’t fulfil.
They never will – they were never made to.
All I can do is try and grasp
in others, what you mean for me – for us.

‘Relationship’ – with the only one
who knows each ebb and flow of my heart.
Who will ever perceive my deepest self;
what brings us together, what keeps us apart.

So I look for you.
And I finally find you, but only when I have given up.
When I am ready to lay myself down, appreciate others as they are;
quietened by your love.

This side of heaven, between the trees
there will only ever be discontent, and unfulfilled dreams.
If we try to do it all alone,
without your love to fulfil our deepest needs.

Your love that makes up for a multitude;
that mends what is broken, fills the gaps.
That transforms our half hearts into whole;
completes us, and provides all that we lack.

I look for you.
And I find you, when I am willing to see.
That everyone is a part of the whole, including me.
That I need everyone, but no ‘one’ too –
for in the end – its only You.

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