Too Wonderful

by Lisa DeRosa
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by guest writer J. Thomas

I think that

I shall never see,

a world as lovely as a tree.

Green it stands straight and tall

Generously giving love and shade to all

Who is there like you and to whom can I compare?

Your beauty is beyond my words, and all the angels stare

At your richness and gentleness, your meekness and your grace

If only I could see you and put my lips on your tender face


Come back, oh thirst, come back sweet desire!


There is none that can compare with thee

Thou glorious and loving sea

There is none that matches thee

Thou awesome and triumphant being

I praise and I adore you for who you are

But my thirst and my desire have gone far

Come back, oh thirst, come back sweet desire

Fill me with your presence, fill me with your fire

Hold nothing back, consume me up

Let your grace flow and overflow my cup

There is none that can compare with thee

For you are God and always will be

Take me into your presence Lord and fill my heart with thee


That I accomplished something on my own, when it was only play


Keep me safe in your loving arms as the world around me fades away

Keep me close with your loving gaze as you chase the darkness into day

Give me your right hand and rest it upon my cheek

Give me thy left and stay with me when I am weak

And always, too, lest I grow proud thinking in my own way

That I accomplished something on my own, when it was only play

You are the real strength behind every move I make

The wind in my lungs, the blood and bones when I shake

Take care of me, my love, my one and only true Dad

Show me thy grace every time I am feeling sad

Sing praises over me and fill me with your peace

Let me give praise to you, a praise that will never cease

Every time I see you, I will sing and shout for joy

Every time I hear you, I will worship as a man and as a boy


Psalm 139:14b – Your works are wonderful, I know that full well


No praise is too lavish, no adoration undue

But every good and perfect gift comes from you

You and you alone are my heart’s only want and need

To be near you and to know you, if only by work and deed

Your ways are too wonderful for me and I may never understand

But at least I can stand in awe of you, for your hand upon this land

I wish there were more time to praise, a few more seconds of you and me

But I know that I am the world to you, a beauty and a tree


But I know that I am the world to you, a beauty and a tree


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Bio for J. Thomas

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Almost 20 years after returning from a short-term mission trip to Mongolia, J. Thomas is publishing his book Dry and Barren Land: Walking through Seasons of spiritual dryness in a blog format at As a religion major at Dartmouth College, he studied philosophy, biblical studies, and the sociology of income inequality. J. Thomas lives in New Jersey with his wife of 17 years and their 4-year-old daughter who loves being read the book, The Thomasbears and Great Door, a book (for kids of all ages) he wrote for his wife on their 4-year anniversary. He taught himself guitar to express love to God in worship and devotion. J. Thomas also picked up a new hobby in July 2020, tweeting under @dryandbarren to translate mainstream Christian truths for our generation.

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