The Spiritual Practice of Gratitude

by Christine Sine
Let Us Give Thanks

Let Us Give Thanks

One thing I love about living in the U.S. is the celebration of Thanksgiving. I tell people that there is no equivalent in Australian culture – we just aren’t very grateful people. (just joking). Not surprisingly, this month’s Synchroblog theme invites writers to share their thoughts on gratitude as a spiritual practice.

It’s easy during the month of November to think about thankfulness. A lot of us will probably in some way, shape or form, say “I’m thankful for…” this month. But gratitude is much more than a feeling or something we talk about around the holidays. Gratitude can also be a powerful spiritual practice that opens our hearts to the rhythm of giving and receiving that is the heartbeat of life itself. Many believe the spiritual practice of gratitude not only has the ability to transform us as individuals but can also change the world we live in. However, like so many other spiritual practices, it takes intention and focus.

What do you think about gratitude as a spiritual practice? How would one go about practicing gratitude as a spiritual exercise? What are you learning about gratitude? What practices help draw you to gratitude? How is your experience with God deepening through gratitude? What benefits does the spiritual practice of gratitude offer to you, others, the world?

I have posted a number of liturgies, prayers and posts for Thanksgiving in the past including this one, but it is always great to get new perspectives.

Here are the links to the posts that have been contributed. Great food for reflection before Thanksgiving day next week.

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