The Lap of Jesus – A Liturgy for Mother’s Day

by Christine Sine

Swans Craig Goodwin Used with permission.

by Emma Morgan

Opening Prayer

God with a mother’s heart,
You gather us as your children.
You comfort and hold us in your warm embrace.
When we hurt your arms enfold us.
When we are afraid your wings protect us.
When we are hungry you feed us with the bread of life.
God with a mother’s heart,
Your love surrounds and supports us,
In good times and in tough,
In the midst of joy and pain,
Always and everywhere.
You will never leave nor abandon us.
God eternal and loving one,
God with a mother’s heart,
We thank you this day,
For being part of your family.

(prayer by Christine Sine)


Set up: Farmhouse style table setting eg. buttered scones, oat biscuits, a big jug of red juice, a display with eggs, fruit and vegetables in a basket.

Remember when Jesus gathered the children on his knees? (Matt 19:14)
Remember when Jesus said “How often I wanted to gather your children together, just as a hen gathers her brood under her wings.” (Luke 13:34)
Remember when Jesus said ‘Come to me.. and I will give you rest.’ (Matt 11:28)

With Jesus’ spirit close to all those who call on him, we come to Him now.

Let us read together:
Jesus we invite you this table
Stay with us
Be our guest and also our host
May we know you at this table
In the sharing of this meal

Come and take some food and drink and hold onto it so we can enjoy it together.

Serve food and drink and play relaxing music.

Let us breathe in the goodness of this moment, the rest of Jesus in this moment.

Space for reflection.

The Lord Jesus, on the eve of His death, shared a meal with His followers.
Taking the bread, He gave thanks, broke it, and offered it to them with these words:
This is My body broken for you. Remember Me whenever you eat.

After the meal, taking the cup of wine,
He gave thanks, and offered it to them with these words:
This is My blood poured out for you, Remember Me whenever you drink.

And so, we eat and drink in memory of Jesus and His great love.
And in this simple meal
We acknowledge the living Jesus.
We celebrate the life and rest he gives us, even today.

The meal is enjoyed.

Communion liturgy taken in part from A Communion Liturgy for Palm Sunday

Blessing on all the Women in our community
A basket of chocolates is taken around to all the women and girls of the community.

We have a gift for all the women and girls in this room this mother’s day. We are blessed by all you give to this community and to the communities around you. Enjoy these treats as we pray a blessing on you.

Prayer of Blessing in honor of Women

God of Sarah and Hagar, Naomi and Ruth, Esther and Deborah,

God of Mary and Elizabeth, Mary and Martha, Mary Magdalene, Lydia,

and all the unnamed women of scripture,

as you anointed these women with the oil of faith and calling,

so anoint women everywhere.

as you blessed these women with finding the courage and strength, persistence and perseverance within them, so bless women everywhere.

as you transformed the world through the vision and work of these women,

continue to transform the world through the vision and work of good women everywhere.

From Australia to India, from Russia to Uganda, (alteration to original)

May women continue to form and build community in ways that birth justice, love and peace among us.

In gestation and through the laboring, keep them focused, strong, steadfast and unwavering.

God, bless the women who continue to work tirelessly, often unnoticed,

but full of beauty and power, for all manner of good.

Continue to make them vessels of your sustenance; instruments of your peace; an inspiration to all. Amen

(Prayer by Erin Matteson.)

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