The Empty Cup of Holy Saturday

by Lilly Lewin


by Lilly Lewin

How are you doing on this Holy Saturday?
Are you burned out by all the activities of Spring….holiday trips, sports, meetings.
Are you tired from all the service preps you’ve had to do for Holy Week to happen at your Church?
Are you still getting everything ready to make Easter happen for your friends and family? cooking, baking, cleaning etc.
Are you frustrated by the brokenness in our world and suffering around you?

This week, I’ve been using my coffee cup as a prayer tool to remember the events of Holy Week.
The Cup of Praise on Palm Sunday
The Cup of Extravagance for the Anointing at Bethany
The Cup of Change for cleaning out the Money Changers
The Cup of Betrayal for Judas and Peter.
The Cup of Remembrance on Maundy Thursday.
The Cup of Suffering of Good Friday.

Now we are at Holy Saturday…and my cup is empty. Like the Disciples, I feel a bit like hiding. I too am feeling the tears of Good Friday and not the cheers of Palm Sunday. I too have poured out more than I have taken the time to refill. My cup is EMPTY.

HOLD an empty cup today.

Consider the things that make you feel empty.

Fatigue, Burn out, Brokenness, Injustice, Fear, Anxiety , Illness.
What else?

What expectations have been unfulfilled?

What has disappointed you?

What things have left you empty?

What things have caused you sorrow?

What loss have you experienced this year?

What are you grieving today? Broken dreams? Broken relationships? Broken systems in our country that cause injustice?

Hold your empty cup

Feel it’s weight.

Notice the emptiness.

Talk to God about the emptiness, the loss, the sorrow.

Imagine that loss, sorrow, fatigue, brokenness , grief, anxiety filling this empty cup.
Allow God to have this cup.
You might even write down these things and put them into your cup and then give them to God to hold for you.

Place your cup in a the LIGHT. LET JESUS, LET GOD, hold your cup.
And don’t forget, this is the Sabbath; take some time to rest and allow God to restore you and get ready for a new day.

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