The Beauty of God: A Prayer

by Hilary Horn

By John Birch

I am a member of the Methodist Church in the UK, and one of the main themes of Methodism for some time has been ‘discipleship’, a word that has many definitions. At its most basic it is a response to a call (not always when we’re expecting it) as with the first disciples preparing their fishing nets, or Matthew at his tax booth. It’s the power of that call, be it only a gentle whisper, that makes us want to know more and begin the journey of discovery that the early disciples experienced. It’s a life-long journey because it encompasses everything we are and do, but it’s also a journey that we undertake in the company of so many others, those who Jesus calls ‘the salt of the earth’ or a ‘light of the world’.

As our faith and commitment deepen along that journey of discipleship, so our lives begin to reflect the love and grace of God shown to us, and we in turn become points of light in an often dimly lit world, or the salt that adds something special to the recipe served up by the world. At home or at work, people begin to see something of the God we serve, and may even be drawn to a place where they too might hear that gentle whisper and respond.


The beauty of God

be reflected in your eyes,

the peace of God

reside within your heart,

and the love of God

be the focus of your life,

this day and all days.

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