Stop The Madness: Return to Our Senses for Advent

by Christine Sine

Stop the madness

The season of Advent, the beginning of a new liturgical year starts November 30th and it is time to get ready. How serious will you be about this journey toward the manger and the birth of Christ?

In The Liturgical Year, Joan Chittister, says:

The function of Advent is to remind us what we’re waiting for as we go through life too busy with things that do not matter to remember the things that do. Advent asks the question, what is it for which you are spending your life?”

We all desperately crave more meaningful, less cluttered, lives, yet we rarely take the time to slow down and ask this question. We invite you to prepare for Advent and Christmas this year by refocusing your life on what really matters. Take time to renew, refresh and restore your priorities.

Join us November 15th at the Mustard Seed House for a contemplative retreat I will facilitate , based on my book, Return to Our Senses: Reimaining How We Pray.

Last year participants told me the retreat was not long enough so we have made full and half day options possible. 

Join us for the full day and experience a morning of reflection, contemplation and inspiration that will encourage you to journey toward Christ’s birth with renewed focus and faith. Learn from the rich presentations and reflective insights of fellow participants how to deepen your prayer life and draw closer to God. 

In the afternoon exercise the insights and skills you have learned to develop your own spiritual practices for the seasons of Advent and Christmas and create your own special sacred space as a focus for celebrating the season.  

When: November 15th

Full-Day:  9:30a.m. – 4:00p.m.

Half-Day:  9:30a.m. – 1:00p.m.

Where: The Mustard Seed House, 510 NE 81st St, Seattle WA 98115

Cost: Full-Day:  $50

Half-Day:  $30

(both 1/2-day and full-day options include lunch)

Include a copy of Return to Our Senses or our new devotional resource: A Journey Toward Home, for only $10 more!

Space is limited to fifteen participants so please sign up soon. We would appreciate you helping us promote this event by downloading and sharing our flier, as well as sharing on Facebook, and twitter.


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