Simply Listen: A Prayer

by Hilary Horn

By John Birch —

I don’t know about you, but August can be a hectic month in our household. So far we’ve had a week camping in a field at a Christian conference, and a week being invaded by family. There’s another camp coming up later in the month, at a folk festival, and in-between there’s the usual household and gardening tasks to catch up with, alongside work, preaching and other commitments.

It’s so easy to put God to one side in such situations, go into survival mode just to get through busy times like this. And yet, deep down, I know it’s so important to  find those quiet moments within each day (and there are always one or two!) and just be still, and listen. For in those moments God is there, his peace will flow, his love refresh, and my day will be blessed.


May there be

within this day

quiet moments,

when I can rest

in your presence,

sit for a while

at your feet,

be still, and

simply listen.

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