Pressing Pause by Gil George

by Christine Sine

Gil, Melody, and their kids.

Last Saturday I facilitated MSA’s Rest in the Moment Retreat. Part of what this time made me very aware of is how essential sacred pauses throughout the day are not just for the rhythm of our lives but to stir the creative gifts and ideas that God has placed within us.

Gil George was one of the participants. He commented: It was a wonderful, restful, and creative time. I got to engage in poetry again, and wrote a poem of rest:

Pressing Pause

Waiting is an act of worship
It is a sacrificial act
To lay aside what I want NOW
Or NEXT or “in a second” or
Instead of what IS now

Waiting is a pressing pause
It is a mindful act
To accept what is here NOW
And know that now is holy
If only I can pause to look

Waiting is a taste of peace
It is an accepting act
To welcome what exists NOW
As a sign that love surrounds
Pressing pause sustains

Gil is a follower of Jesus in the Pacific Northwest who has been part of is part of many denominations over the years. He is a poet, technical consultant, recently completed his call as Senior Pastor of Clackamas Park Friends Church, is a graduate of George Fox Evangelical Seminary, and is discerning his next steps in his ministry life. 

Gil is married to Mel and has been blessed with an adorable daughter whose 8th birthday is approaching way too rapidly and another adorable daughter who turned 3 this September.

Gil is available to speak on Lament and Worship, Equipping Communities to Serve With People Experiencing Poverty, Multi-Cultural Community, Welcoming and Appreciating Diversity in Worship Communities, and Living in Community. Gil is also available to consult on connecting churches to social media, livestreaming worship services, and can help provide technical support and implementation services. Gil also gives weekend retreats for small to medium groups on Writing Psalms for Personal and Communal Worship. Please send an email to for scheduling information.

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