Prayers for the Journey

by Christine Sine

This week has been an amazing week of rich blessing on the Light for the Journey Facebook page thanks to John Birch, Micha Jazz and Bonnie Harr.  Enjoy the prayers.

“May we never walk
in solitude or fear,
but the fellowship
of the Spirit
warm our hearts,
the love of the Saviour
bring us joy
and the shelter
of the Father’s arms
forever keep us safe.”

© John Birch:

God of stillness and creative action
Help us find space for quietness today,
That we may live creatively,
Discover the inner meaning of silence
And learn the wisdom that heals the world.
Send peace and joy to each quiet place,
To all who are waiting and listening.
May your still small voice be heard
Through Christ in the love of the spirit. Amen
(Retreat Assocn.)

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This prayer was inspired by the encircling morning fog

This prayer was inspired by the encircling morning fog

God you fill us with your Spirit
So that we can hear your voice.
God you ask us to listen
So that we can know your ways.
God you send us out to serve
So that we can be your people.
Come down God of life,
Fill us with your love.
Come in Christ of peace,
Anoint us with compassion.
Come amongst us Spirit of joy
Teach us to celebrate your ways.

Christine Sine

Show me grace O God eternal
Show me grace.
Lead me to your saving light.
Show me mercy O God eternal
Show me mercy.
Provide answers for my prayers.
Show me compassion O God eternal
Show me compassion
Reach down and take my hand.
Then I can thank you for your justice,
I can praise you for your righteousness,
I can trust you for your faithfulness.

Christine Sine

Lead us to a mountaintop
within our daily lives,
a sacred space
where life takes on
a different pace,
for we are too busy, Lord,
and fail to hear you call.
Lead us to a mountaintop
within our daily lives,
a quiet place
where we can rest
in your embrace,
for we are too busy, Lord
and need to hear you call.

© John Birch:

O Christ of the dove, grant us the purity of the Spirit.

O Christ of the sparrow, grant us the Father’s protection.

O Christ of the mother-hen, grant us shelter beneath your wing. Amen.

Bonaventure of Bagnoregio (1221-1274)

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Lord Jesus Christ
You have poured out your love on me,
You have poured out your life into me,
You have poured out your faithfulness around me.
Within and without you hold me secure.
Your Word is my joy,
Your ways are my passion,
Your presence is my desire.

Christine Sine

Every morning, let me hear of your mercies.
– Every morning, let me hear of your mercies.

Make me know the path I should follow.
– Every morning, let me hear of your mercies.

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.
– Every morning, let me hear of your mercies.

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Lord Jesus Christ,
May we pause to look
and see you in this moment.
Mountains red and white with morning sun,
Quiet gaps between traffic flow,
Smiling faces welcoming the day.
Lord jesus Christ,
May we draw breath,
and reflect on your presence,
enlivening all things,
sustaining all things,
transforming all things.
Lord Jesus Christ,
May this moment call me to respond
with just living,
generous giving,
grateful actions.

Christine Sine

Bless to us, O Lord,
the earth on which we walk,
each mountain top,
sunlit sky.

Bless to us, O Lord,
the beauty that we see,
soaring eagle,

Bless to us, O Lord,
the peace within our heart
when filled with joy
or sorrow.

Bless to us, O Lord,
the journey that we make,
the footsteps that
we follow.

©John Birch:

Seize God,
the weaver of heaven and earth.
Bring your past,
Bring the present day,
Bring the promise of the future,
before the Eternal One.
Seize God,
choose love,
seek the holy presence,
Let the Lord,
make your life extraordinary.

Christine Sine

Our sufferings bring acceptance,

acceptance brings hope:

and our hope will not deceive us,

for the Spirit has been poured into our hearts.

It is through the same Spirit that we pray:
– Stay with us, Lord, on our journey.

Posted by Contemplative Netowork.

Creator God,
on windswept beaches
your saints of old
held their hands up to you
in wonder and amazement,
felt your power through the roar
of wind and surf and,
exposed to the elements
felt a oneness
with the One
who had created all things.
This world does not often allow us
such intimacy with you, Father,
we are crowded out
by circumstances of our own choosing,
seeking fellowship with each other
rather than with you.
Forgive our unwillingness
to follow in the footsteps of your saints,
to meet you in the solitude of your creation.
Forgive our unwillingness
to get our feet wet

© John Birch –

Lord may I take time today
to be alone with you.
May I create the discipline of presence,
Knowing that inner retreat,
regardless of outer circumstances
is a gift worth pursuing.
May I remember that in the midst of storms
you slept in perfect confidence
rocked to sleep by your faith.
May I take courage when the waves swamp me
Knowing that to our cries of terror
you respond
be not afraid.

Christine Sine


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